Urinary, Circulatory & Anorectal disorders

Urinary, Circulatory & Anorectal disorders

Urinary disorders are usually due to UTI [urinary tract infection] with symptoms as Burning during urination [micturation], Feeling obstruction or pain during urination, Feeling fulness or heaviness in lower abdomen due to non-full evacuation of urine may be due to stricture caused by infection, Cystitis with infection of urinary bladder, Prostatic hypertrophy [enlarged prostate gland] etc.


Circulatory disorders usually are DVT [deep vein thrombosis], Varicose veins, Reduced blood circulation in upper and lower limbs due to arterial thrombosis or blocks, MS [multiple sclerosis], Smokers Burger’s disease etc.


Anorectal disorders like Piles, Fissure and Fistula around anus and in rectum mostly due to infection and in habitual constipation patients.


Panchakarma Treatment


Panchakarma treatment in Urinary, Circulatory & Anorectal disorders

Is a combination of various panchakarma procedures for Detoxification. Detoxification is a routine practice in panchakarma treatment, every patient who comes for general or specific treatment need first 3-7 days detoxification then other advised procedures according to their problem or suffering. It restores deteriorated health, by the holistic way of Panchakarma treatment, it expels collected toxic waste from body, so it gives extension of lifespanDetoxification expels collected unwanted products from the body like harmful AMA out of our system through our body’s channels like intestines by verechan and Vasti, urinary path by urine, lungs by respiration, skin by sweat, shirovirechan by nasyam and stomach by vaman. To get rid from toxins and impurities this detoxification is recommended every 3-5 years according to lifestyle and occupation of patients.


In urinary disorders treatment is required at least for 7 to 14 days, in circulatory disorders about 21 to 28 days and in anorectal disorders about 14 to 21 days.



Panchakarma treatment is highly effective in these disorders, eradicates permanently with very minimum chances of relapse, since last 10 years patients who took this treatment in our centre about every patient reported their permanent relief from their problem. We treated many patients of these disorders, no one reported recurrence in UTI with E. coli infection and blood vessel block patients. In anorectal disorders about 99 percent no recurrence only 2 to 3 patients came to take 2nd time treatment after some years. So, we can say that the prognosis in these disorders is excellent.   

Urinary, Circulatory & Anorectal disorders

UTI with e-coli bacterial Infection


Prostatic hypertrophy

Varicose veins

Peripheral blood vessel blocks

Peripheral ischemia

Piles and Fissure

Treatment Cost

  • PCOD Treatment

  • 1000Per Sitting
  • No Consultation Fee


    No Registration Fee


    3 to 7 or 14  Days treatment

  • Hormonal Disorder Treatment

  • 1500Per Sitting
  • Consultation Fee for 3 months


    One Time Registration Fee


    Min 14 to 21 day treatment

  • Obesity Treatment

  • 1500Per Sitting
  • Consultation Fee for 3 months


    One Time Registration Fee


    Min 21 to 28 days treatment

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