Skin & Hair Problems

Skin & Hair Problems

Skin and Hair care panchakarma treatment depend upon Detoxification and rejuvenation of patient from inside and out side of body to eradicate causative factors like toxins and nourishment of skin and hairs. This treatment is carried out by Nasyam, AVS, Avagaham, DHM, Abhyangam, Shiroabhyangam, Shirodhara, Pizhichil, Ksheerdhara and Navrakizhi.

  Rejuvenation is a combination of various panchakarma procedures that makes a person to be younger again. It restores deteriorated health, pleasant feelings, youthful vigour and appearance. This is to make freshness and new again and restore to a former state. It is also known as renewal, revival, and revitalization by the holistic way of Panchakarma treatment, Rejuvenation is an Ayurvedic medical practice for the reversal of aging process by repair of damaged tissues. It conducts cell Rejuvenation by that it reverts aging not only delaying, it expels collected toxic waste from body, so it gives extension of lifespan.  it is the most respectable and famous treatment among health aware persons all over the world. From various countries every year thousands of health-conscious foreigners are coming in India for Rejuvenation and Detoxification, previously they were going only in South India but since the last 5-7 years many foreigners reaching in mid and north India for panchakarma rejuvenation and detoxification.


The duration for this treatment may extent from 7 to 14-21 days to achieve satisfactory and long-lasting results. Generally, its effects remaining stable for a very long time according to occupation, personal habits, weather, climate, maintenance and care after treatment. In our routine practice every body get pleasure and happy feelings. Most of all About more than 99 percent patients are getting complete satisfaction. By this treatment everybody feels relaxation, stop of hair fall, well growth of hairs, pain relief, lightness, improved skin lustre and complexion, improved immunity, improved body strength and happy trend of mind.

Types of Hair & Skin Problems

Skin dryness

Hair & Skin Roughness

Post illness dull complexion

Skin Pigmentation

Hair fall/Hair Growth defect/


Treatment Cost

  • PCOD Treatment

  • 1000Per Sitting
  • No Consultation Fee


    No Registration Fee


    3 to 7 or 14  Days treatment

  • Hormonal Disorder Treatment

  • 1500Per Sitting
  • Consultation Fee for 3 months


    One Time Registration Fee


    Min 14 to 21 day treatment

  • Obesity Treatment

  • 1500Per Sitting
  • Consultation Fee for 3 months


    One Time Registration Fee


    Min 21 to 28 days treatment

Happy & Successful Cases


Hormonal Disorder