Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric Disorders

Causes of Psychiatric disorder

The specific causes are not known and there is no one cause, but may cause by chemical imbalance in brain, severe psychological trauma as emotional, physical or sexual abuse, loss of parent in childhood, neglect, social isolation, domestic violence, relationship breakdown, financial problems. Also, this may be due to Genetic factor, Drug and alcohol abuse [manic or psychosis episode], Hormonal change and Traumatic life event stress [post-traumatic stress disorder/PTSD] and like living in war zone.

Treatment in modern medicine

Behaviour therapy, Counselling and some anti Psychiatric medicines.


Panchakarma Treatment for Psychiatric disorders

        Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment procedures are much efficient and effective, it can cure most of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, Alzheimer [may cause by improper life style], dementia, psychosis, attention deficit mental disabilities.  The efficacy of treatment procedures depends on the general condition and age of patient, Severity, and Chronicity of Psychiatric disorders. This treatment crossing blood brain barrier and acts on CNS/brain and help to manage the condition. There are many medicines which are effectively used for psychiatric disorders. 


Ayurveda seeks to remove the root causes of Psychiatric disorder or illness in a holistic way of treatment. It offers a complex array of Therapeutic techniques and natural medicines to restore and balance the harmony. We provide qualitative procedures that meet the top standard for rapid relief and improve their quality of life. Ayurveda recommends traditional diet and lifestyle habits along with yoga practice for much better results.


               Our centre has successfully treated hundreds of patients in last 10 years with achieving high satisfactory results in every patient. Most of the patients get good response within few days. Generally public believe that Psychiatric disorder are incurable, but efficacy is proved without any doubt. In these patients our agenda is only “Serving humanity”. 


                 The reality of ayurvedic panchakarma is that, it cures without any side-effects. This treatment rejuvenates the body and disorders can be converted into easier way of life and works effectively on all age groups. First detoxification cleans our body from inside and outside, then therapeutic procedures are given with few oral medicines for restoration. This improving quality of life and preventing the progress of the disease.



                Prognosis is depending upon the age of patient, severity, stage and level of disability. If there are chances of recovery then we advise accordingly about duration and proper schedule of treatment to be followed by patient. About every patient responding according to their severity and level of disability. In some non-treatable situations, there is only Shamanam chikitsa is given to subside severity of symptoms and ease up-to possible extent of relief from difficulties.

Types of Psychiatric Disorders

Mental tension

Tension headache




Treatment Cost

  • PCOD Treatment

  • 1000Per Sitting
  • No Consultation Fee


    No Registration Fee


    3 to 7 or 14  Days treatment

  • Hormonal Disorder Treatment

  • 1500Per Sitting
  • Consultation Fee for 3 months


    One Time Registration Fee


    Min 14 to 21 day treatment

  • Obesity Treatment

  • 1500Per Sitting
  • Consultation Fee for 3 months


    One Time Registration Fee


    Min 21 to 28 days treatment

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