Panchkarma Treatment

Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma is an Ayurveda treatment therapy which is having five Pradhan karma [procedures] to treat diseases by removing toxins from the body. Toxins are formed in our body by various metabolic activities and accumulated in different parts of the body. These toxins are generated by weak digestion, abnormal metabolism, wrong lifestyle habits, polluted environment, chemical or insecticides treated fruits and food. The presence of excess toxins in the body affects our three doshas [Vata, Pitta, and Kapha] resulting in various “Diseases and Disorders”.

Panchakarma treatment can remove these toxins by their specific procedures that is called “Detoxification procedures”. This eliminate toxins through skin, mouth, and anus. The Pradhan karmas are 

  • Vaman 
  • Virechan
  • Vasti
  • Nasyam
  • Raktamokshanam 
    There are some other Purva karma, Pashchat karma and various supportive procedures for treatment such as Snehan, Swedan, Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Shiropichu, Talapothichil, Talam, Nadi swedan, AVS, Avgaham, Abhyangam [massage], Podikizhi, Lepam, Upnaha Swedan, Kati vasti, Greeva vasti, Janu vasti, Uro vasti, Udhvartanam etc. These procedures are applicable in different diseases and disorders according to their applicability and requirement. Panchakarma is a holistic treatment can help in a respectable way by improving the quality of life and preventing progress of disease. In some disorders need surgeries, where as panchakarma treats without any surgical intervention. This treatments restoring the vitiated doshas and maintain the harmony of body.  It is an Indian traditional treatment which is safe and works effectively on all age groups. Panchakarma treatment is going to be most popular in all incurable disorders to permanent cure or ease life. Most of well Educated persons knows real facts of panchakarma that it restores without side effects. “Rejuvenation” for reversal of aging process by repair of damaged tissues, it expels collected toxic materials, thus it gives extension of lifespan [Deerghayu/Long healthy life]. After treatment patient feels lightness and happy trend of mind. Most of all patients are getting complete rid from their problems. It is also wonderfully effective for mental and physical disabilities, treatment stimulate the brain, nervous system, spine, muscles by crossing the blood brain barrier and help to manage the condition. Ayurveda seek to remove the root causes of mental and physical disabilities or illness.Ayurveda panchakarma treatment can successfully treat and restore diseases and disorders with permanent cure or in non treatable conditions it can ease the pain and difficulties by a natural way without any side effects. Our specialities are Bone & Joints, Spine, Neuro-muscular, Rejuvenation & Detoxification, Hormonal disorders like PCOD/PCOS and Mental & Physical Disabilities like MR [Mental retardation] & CP [Cerebral palsy].


Bone / Joints disorders


AVN [avascular necrosis]/Joints pain/Post Dengue/ Chikungunya arthritis,/Frozen shoulder/Arthritis/

Rheumatoid arthritis & Joints stiffness



al-disc prolapse/ herniation/Sciatica/

Cervical – Dorsal &



Spinal canal stenosis


/Ankylosing spondylosis

Neuro muscular


Neuralgic pain / Neuralgia/Diabetic neuropathy/Cramps

/Cerebral palsy/Parkinsonism

/Ataxia/Lac of body balance/Tremors /Migraine/Painful muscles/spasm/Wasting of muscles/Twitching muscles & ill developed muscles


For weight loss/Prevention of diseases/Happy set of mind and long-life span/, Better Immunity/Improvement

/Prevention of diseases


& Hormonal disorders

Obesity Menstrual disturbance/Amenorrhoea



Sterility male & female

/Infertility male/female/Impotency & Hypothyroidism



Mental tension/Tension headache/Anxiety


Skin/Hair care

Skin dryness/roughness/Post illness dull complexion

/Pigmentation/Hair fall/Hair Growth defect/Dandruff



Physical Disability

[Intellectual disability], ASD [Autism spectrum disorder]

Cerebral palsy,

Spastic paresis, Ataxic walk,

And Lack of coordination in hands & feet

Urinary, Circulatory

& Anorectal disorders

UTI with e-coli bacteria/Dysuria,

Prostatic hypertrophy/Varicose veins,

Peripheral blood vessel blocks 

Peripheral ischemia,

Piles and Fissure

Relaxation Treatment

For pain relief and happy trend of mind

By Steambath, Shirodhara, Abhyangam,

Marma special abhyangam and Pizhichil

Treatment Cost

  • Basic Treatments

  • 500Per Sitting
  • Free Consultation


    No Registration Fees


    7- Day treatment*

  • Exclusive Treatments

  • 1000Per Sitting
  • 15-day Consultation window


    One Time Registration


    Min 15 day treatment

  • Advanced Services

  • 1500Per Sitting
  • 15-Day Consultation window


    One Time Registration


    Min 21-day treatment


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