Panchkarma Procedure

Panchakarma Procedures

All procedures are concern with permanent or long-lasting recovery.



             This is very important and basic treatment done mostly with all procedures of panchakarma, in this we are putting some drops of medicinal oils or ghritas in nostrils of nose. Used for the treatment of mental and nervous disorders, it also gives benefit in migraine, mental tension, depression, loss of sleep, falling or graying of hairs, loss of glow of skin. This treatment is suitable for everyone. It gives attractive look, sound organs, strong body. Our sages proclaimed that old age cannot affect them easily.



             This procedure is done on center of head. It is very common in practice in Kerala. It is applied on every patient getting panchakarma procedure at beginning to prevent bad effect of heat on brain and whole body. It is broadly used in mental patients especially in intellectual disability [ID] formerly called mental retardation.



           This is the most popular treatment and well known by everybody and known as identity of panchakarma. This is done on head in lying position of patient. It is used in various mental and nervous disorders like mental tension, loss of sleep, negative thoughts, headache, migraine, mental retardation, neuralgic pains, neuropathy, ENT disorders, Eye/vision disorders etc. This is done for 45 minutes with 2 persons. 


Abhyangam (Massage)

            It is not simple type of massage, according to Panchakarma it is performed in seven position to cover each and every parts of body below neck. This is given for relaxation, to relive certain pains, to increase peripheral blood circulation and rejuvenate body. Generally, it is given for 45 minutes with two persons (male or female).


Abhyangam Marma Special  

            It is same as abhyangam but in this therapist gives technical procedure on marma points to give more relaxation which are present in different parts of our body.







AVS (Aushadhi Vasp Swedan)

This is a type of Medicinal Steam Bath in a box in which head is outside the box and full body remaining inside box in contact with medicinal steam to create sweating for detoxification of body, also helpful in treating obesity.



This is a procedure to detoxify and relax our body. In this we use about 100 liters of decoctions (Kadha) of medicinal herbs and roots, in full size bath tub,  patient lying in this luke warm Kadha for 15-30 minutes according to patient’s tolerance. This is better procedure for detoxification instead of other difficult procedures it is also helpful to treat obesity, PCOD, Harmonal disorders, hypothyroidism and varicose veins.


DHM [Dhanyamla] Podikizhi

Dhanyamla is a Medicinal compound which is not available in medical stores, it is prepared by eleven ingredients, which are available only in south India. The procedure of preparation is very difficult taking seven days to prepare it, needs special training to prepare. Since last ten years we are always preparing this special medicine to provide treatment to our patients for detoxification and other indicated ailments.



This massage is applied on head for various disorders of head and brain and also for relaxation and hair treatment.


Takra dhara

This is done on head as shirodhara for pitta dominated ailments, anxiety, abnormal brain activities like hot temper, aggressive mind, loss of sleep and insanity.



This treatment is given on whole body to rejuvenate and making skin soft and glowing with milk and herbal medicines.


Greeva vasti

This procedure is medicinal hot oil fomentation given on back of neck specially for cervical spondylosis at least for 45 minutes with continue change of medicinal oil on every 1-2 minute. It restores about all cervical spine disorders with the use of different medicines according to patients and diseases.


Kati vasti

This procedure is similar as Greeva vasti given on back of lower spine specially at lumbo-sacral region for multiple spine disorders like Disc prolapse, protrusion, herniation, spondylosis, nerve compression, muscle spasm, spondylolisthesis, Ankylozing spondylosis, sacralization of vertebra, sciatica or neuralgic pain, loss of lordotic curvature of spine and scoliosis of spine.


Janu vasti

This procedure is similar as Greeva vasti given on knees specially for knee joint disorders like arthritis, lack or loss of synovial fluid, ligament injury or tear, osteophytes formation, severe knee swelling/pain and stiffness of knee joints. It can prevent knee replacement surgery.


Prasth vasti

This is procedure same as Kati vasti used on dorsal/ thorasic spine for multiple spine disorders like neuralgic pain, disc prolapse, scoliosis and loss of normal curvature of spine.


Shroni vasti

This is same as Kati vasti done on hip joints for ankylozing spondylosis, stiffness of Hip and AVN of head of femur bone.


Adho udar vasti

Same as Kati vasti used on lower part of abdomen specially for female menstrual and harmonal disorders like amenorrhoea, bleeding disorders, sterility (especially due to fallopian tube block) and PCOD. Also used in males in urinary bladder Antonia.



Podikizhi is done on whole body below neck with medicinal oil and pockets (potlies) of medicines for 45 minutes with 2 persons. This is used for relaxation, detoxification, muscular pain, muscular spasm, neuralgic pains and diabetic neuropathies.



This procedure is done on whole body below neck with heavy quantity of medicinal oil for neuro muscular disorders like paresis, parkinsonism and diabetic neuropathies.



This procedure is done on whole body with the pest of herbal medicines, milk, ghee and eggs (with patient’s consent). Used to increase glow and shine of skin. It is also used to increase muscularity of body.



This procedure is done on whole body to reduce obesity, to dissolve lipoma glands and to subsite varicose veins.


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